First of the autumn figs


Green and black figs picked this morning from our friend’s trees by the river.  In July we picked what are called here les figues-fleurs, the fruit that has been on the tree through the winter.  These are the first of the autumn figs that have grown over the summer and there are many more ripening – we’ll soon be making fig jam, but these are just for eating as they are.


5 thoughts on “First of the autumn figs

  1. I am officially jealous… I have no idea if my fig tree will survive the drought this year. The poor thing has dropped all its leaves and it looks like winter in August out in my yard.

    These look lovely! Mmmm… enjoy!

  2. How I love figs! Figs and apricots are my favorites. I have a green fig tree, “Peter’s Honey”. It is still a baby and I may get one or two dozen figs this year. It has been a cooler summer here and they have a good ways to go before ripening.

    I made a small batch of honeyed fig jam with lemon from the earlier crop at daughter’s house. So very good!

  3. I, too, am jealous of your figs. I made a wonderful drunken fig jam with lemon zest and cognac, when a friend of mine harvested her figs about a month ago. We are in the southern U.S., so our figs are almost done now, and I don’t know if I’ll get another shot this year. Enjoy them. They’re wonderful roasted with a little olive oil, salt and pepper, or an addition of prosciutto.

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