Going shopping

We buy most of the food that we don’t grow ourselves  in the village, at the Wednesday market, in the boulangerie, and in the épicerie, which has recently been taken over by an enthusiastic young couple, much to our delight.  Among the very few items we buy in supermarkets is the Italian espresso coffee which I can’t live without.  And one of our favourite trips out of the village is the 5-kilometre drive to Mas Rolland, the goat farm in the hills.


From spring until November the goats spend all day grazing in the aromatic garrigue around the farm and return in the late afternoon to be milked while the cheese is sold.  People come quite long distances because the cheese is well-known.  At this time of year there are a lot of visitors as well as locals.  I’ve eaten goats’ cheese all over France, and always enjoyed it, but I think that the Mas Rolland pelardons  are the best I’ve ever eaten.


Today I bought a couple of each of three variations – cendré (rolled in ash), in the foreground here, fresh (1 day old), on the right, and slightly more mature 3 days old, on the left.  The fresh cheese is good in dishes like the aubergine entrée I made the other day, while the others make a wonderful cheese course – as I hope they will, with a mountain Gavach cows’ milk cheese from Lacaune, tomorrow when we have friends to lunch.

There’s more about Mas Rolland (in French) on their excellent website – here.


4 thoughts on “Going shopping

  1. Looks wonderful – and how lovely to be able to buy almost everything locally. We try to do the same. Am off to learn how to make goat´s cheese tomorrow with one of Big Man´s cousins – am very excited!

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