Autumn activities


I’m not sure how long they’re going to stay there – one or two have fallen off already – but here is a string of figs I’ve hung to dry, hoping to have our own Christmas figs.  Like fairy lights, they decorate an oak cupboard that was made by the village carpenter in west Wales for my great-grandparents’ wedding present in 1868.  I don’t think they could have imagined that fresh figs and paprika peppers would one day be hanging from it.

La rentrée is the word on everyone’s lips here in southern France this week – it’s the beginning of the school year and also the return to work and normal every day life for adults too. For me, this means concentrating again on my own writing and mentoring other writers.  I’ve redesigned my website and I hope it makes it easier to use….it seemed like the right season for a change.

write in languedoc home page

9 thoughts on “Autumn activities

  1. The photo leading to your new website is marvelous! Drawn in, I took a good look around the website and found it easy to navigate and full of concise, useful information. Congratulations!

  2. I am desperately jealous of fall figs… how wonderful! Mmmm…

    Just FYI, the link to your writing blog from the writing site did not work for me. Bad link I think… oh I’d love to come and write!

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