After a few days away…..


Some of the tomatoes, aubergines and peppers, and a courgette, that we found in the garden this morning, and a few more peppers:


These are mostly Kandil dolma peppers that I’ve now stuffed with rice, onion, garlic, mint, cinnamon and paprika and cooked in diluted tomato purée until the rice was cooked.  We’ll eat them cold with a squeeze of lemon over the next few days.

The tomatoes, courgette and a couple of the aubergines became the main delights in our supper tonight, with some Manchego cheese and some jamón de Serrano we bought at the border yesterday.



7 thoughts on “After a few days away…..

  1. What a beautiful batch of peppers! Have you ever tried adding currants to your stuffed peppers? I make a stuffing with everything you mention barring the paprika and add currants. And the aubergine looks delicious with that tomato sauce… hungry now!! Mmmm…

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