It’s good to be home

Some of the ingredients I miss most when I’m away from home are good olive oil, aubergines and garlic (although I did take a bulb of garlic with me and surreptitiously added it to some of the food I ate while we were travelling – not in people’s homes, I hasten to add).


Luckily there were a lot of aubergines waiting to be picked in the garden when we got home.  We had a long day’s journey yesterday, by very comfortable high-speed train because we don’t fly, but we were too tired to spend much time cooking so I simply sliced this aubergine and fried it in olive oil, adding chopped garlic, salt and thyme leaves after cooking.  The scent of the fresh thyme leaves told me I was home. We ate this with some delicious tender pieces of corn-fed chicken.


6 thoughts on “It’s good to be home

  1. Welcome back! This made me chuckle as it reminded me of my mum who always carries fresh chillies around in her bag (total addict) and if she´s at a restaurant where she thinks the food needs spicing up she just whips out her chillies and takes a chomp out of one 🙂

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