Escape to the sea

At this time of year the sea is still warm, the sun is still hot and the holidaymakers have deserted the beaches.  It’s my favourite time to spend a few hours at Le Grau d’Agde as we did today, swimming, eating a salad lunch and drinking a glass of wine by the beach.


Most of the holiday apartments are unoccupied now, shutters closed, balconies bare of August’s colourful sunshades and beach towels, making the lines of the modern architecture clearer and starker, like this monochrome Mondrian:



4 thoughts on “Escape to the sea

  1. I really enjoy your blog. Our son and daughter in law to be have just arrived and we proposed do
    take them to the Dali museum in Figueres and stay the night in Cadaques. Perhaps we will unknowingly see each other at the Sunday concert at Cassan castle…
    Folkert de Boer (Margon)

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