Mussels: another new favourite

Mussels with pasta and tomato sauce

I cooked a kilo of mussels (for two people), took most out of their shells and added them to a sauce made with fresh chopped tomatoes, a finely chopped piment d’Espelette (paprika pepper), a few sprigs of thyme, two chopped cloves of garlic and a glass of white wine. I cooked some fideua pasta (spaghetti would be good too), mixed the sauce into the cooked pasta and garnished it with some musssels in their shells, chopped basil leaves and a slice of lemon. I like red wine with this kind of hearty, peppery dish (in fact, I like red wine with most food), but white or rosé would be fine.


7 thoughts on “Mussels: another new favourite

  1. Even though I just had mussels prepared similiarly to this recipe last Saturday I could eat the same again (though, not the same, because I would add the paprika and thyme from your recipe). The other thing I don’t do is take most of the mussels out of their shells…which I will do from now on. Thanks and bon appetit!

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