Going shopping

We realised we were running uncharacteristically low on wine so, with our son arriving tomorrow, we thought it was time to go to our favourite domaine d’Estève in Roquessels to buy some of their excellent Faugères red.  It’s still a few weeks early for the real autumn colour in the vineyards but the leaves are beginning to turn and the views on this clear blowy morning were wonderful.

vineyards near Castelsec

Roquessels is the village on the hillside on the left of the photo above.

Roman rock

The rock in the centre here remains uncultivated and is said to be unchanged from Roman times, with many of the same varieties of plants that were growing there at that time.

mazet near Roquessel 

A mazet, or vineyard shelter.  Many of these remain among the vines although they are no longer used.

vines near Roquessel

Vines near Roquessel growing in rocky schist or shale.  It’s said that vines must suffer to make good wine and these vines certainly have to work hard to find water.

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