Nearly the end of the pepper harvest

We’re still picking a few piments d’Espelette for drying and grinding to make paprika, but it’s nearly the end of the season for them.

Goats' cheeses from Mas Roland

And in a few weeks’ time cheese production will stop for the winter at La Ferme du Mas Roland. These cheeses I bought today are a mix of fresh (1 day old), demi-sec (3 days old) and cendré (rolled in ash). I made salads for the first course of our supper tonight with some of our last tomatoes, chopped red and yellow peppers and the fresh goats’ cheese.

Fresh goats' cheese salad

Our main course was a foretaste of winter: pumpkin risotto garnished with crisp-fried lardons and sage leaves.

Pumpkin risotto

9 thoughts on “Nearly the end of the pepper harvest

  1. I love seeing the ingredients and how they are used — and I wish I were there! Our local farmers’ market still has a wide variety of tomatoes and peppers, as well as fresh goat cheese, so I will keep your lovely salad in mind when I am at the market this Saturday.

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