Rain, and olives again


We need it desperately for the garden, but I still don’t like it when it happens.  Normally we get several heavy thunderstorms in September that fill the rivers and reservoirs again after the dry summer, but this year there was hardly any rain until last week, the end of October.


The olives that I started curing in salt just over two weeks ago now no longer taste bitter so I’ve added water to the jar so that they will be rehydrated slightly (you can see in the photo that they’re quite wrinkled now) and preserved in brine until we’re ready to eat them.  A few days before we intend to eat them I’ll drain them and put them in a jar with olive oil and herbs.

While I was working this morning, Lo Jardinièr made a very tasty lunch of pasta with chicken, red, green and yellow peppers (some of our last ones) sautéed in olive oil and garnished with chopped garlic, basil and grated parmesan.


6 thoughts on “Rain, and olives again

  1. Not many olives for us this year (I will leave them for the birds) but more pomegranates than usual.
    More rain tonight and the Hérault is on Red Alert – I hope you and your garden will be OK.

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