Closer to the rock

It was a bright blowy morning, with a mild breeze and 16 C in the sun, so perfect for a little tour around the vineyards north of the village, near the uncultivated rock in my photos ten days ago.



This ruined house near the foot of the rocky slope looks as though it could be an idyllic place to live, surrounded by vines, wild olive trees and lentisk bushes.  Now, sadly, a fig tree grows in what once was a room.




The lentisk (pistacio lentiscus) is an interesting plant, related to pistachio, but unfortunately not bearing pistachio nuts.  One can be seen to the left of the house in the top photo above.  The resin, mastic, is used in Greek and Turkish cooking.  At this time of the year the plants are covered with red berries and I’m trying to find out whether these can be used in cooking.

7 thoughts on “Closer to the rock

  1. How lovely to have a walk in your landscape and i would live in that little house, even with a house in the middle. I wonder who lived in it last. Thank you for the tour, I did enjoy it.. c

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