Spicy mussels


Inspired by my recent attempts to make gambas al pil pil I wondered this morning after the coquillage van had been to the village whether there was a similar dish made with mussels.  I googled mejillones al pil pil but didn’t find a recipe, so I went ahead my own way.  Lo Jardinièr cleaned and cooked the mussels and took them out of their shells while I roughly chopped two dried paprika peppers, one fresh one and four cloves of garlic.  I heated these in olive oil in an earthenware dish on the hob, added some sprigs of thyme and then the mussels for about five minutes.  They were still sizzling when I put them on the table for lunch, with this lovely crusty paillasse bread.


13 thoughts on “Spicy mussels

  1. i do something similar but simpler – fry garlic and onion and chilli and ginger and whatever spice or herb i feel like then maybe add a little tomato puree and some coconut milk and get it hot and whatnot then put in the mussels and heat till happy – a clear lid pan helps – strain if you like . . .

    • So do I! We’ve grown a lot this year. Maybe we shouldn’t call them Espelette as they have an appelation controlee for them in the village of Espelette, but our original seeds came from peppers bought there.

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