Mimosa buds already

This morning after a cold night and an early frost on the roofs in the village, the sun felt warm, the birds were singing and some seemed to be nesting in a bay tree on the edge of the village.  This mimosa tree, whose flowers are one of the first signs of spring here, is already covered with small yellow buds that should open into flower in about a month’s time.

mimosa buds

With our family arriving tomorrow for New Year celebrations, I wanted to try the Lactarius deliciosus mushrooms I pickled a couple of weeks ago.  I simply took a few slices out of the jar, poured some olive oil over them and added some chopped parsley.  They were very good and would probably be even better with a little chopped garlic – definitely something we can offer to visitors!

pickled mushrooms

9 thoughts on “Mimosa buds already

  1. For us too it feels almost like winter has passed us by and gone straight into Spring – but I´m sure we have some cold, cold days ahead! Did you pickle the mushrooms in brine or vinegar (or something else)? Am interested as we´ll soon be dealing with a glut.

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