Sanglier – wild boar

A week or so ago a friend who has family members who go hunting in the hills around the village said she’d give us some wild boar to eat while our family were here.  This is a rare treat for those of us who don’t hunt, so of course we accepted eagerly and were delighted to find that the ‘piece’ turned out to be a whole leg weighing 2.2 kilos.  Yesterday evening, with all the family having arrived, it made a wonderful main course for supper.

It was the first time we’ve cooked a whole joint of boar like this and I knew it would need quite slow cooking, so I put it on a bed of rosemary branches and garlic cloves in the biggest roasting dish I could find and poured half a litre of white wine over it.


I covered the meat with greaseproof paper and then the whole pan with aluminium foil and put it into the oven at 150 C for a couple of hours, then another couple of hours at 160 C and then, finally, uncovered for an hour at 180 C.  By this time it was perfectly cooked, tender and tasty and ready to rest while my son deglazed the dish with red wine to make a delicious jus that is one of his specialities…..


and for Lo Jardinièr to carve it into nice rustic chunks and slices.



With this very local meat we drank a very local red wine, a new discovery for us from the Domaine de Cadablès where we went to taste the other day, the perfect accompaniment, full of the flavours of the garrigue which had nourished the boar.


6 thoughts on “Sanglier – wild boar

  1. I’m quite jealous – I love wild boar. I used to have friends with a vineyard between Perpignan and Toulouse – they shot a lot of boar, as they love to eat grapes. As a result they always had more boar meat than they knew what to do with!

  2. Our hunters sometimes give us pieces of wild boar – I had always cooked it with red wine – but this sounds delicious so I will try white wine next time. We often meet boar on the road in the evening in summer- they come up from the ‘étang’ where they spend the day keeping cool to the garrigue to eat.

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