Breezy olive trees and quiet vines

We’ve had some very strong winds over the past few days, with gusts of up to 100 kilometres per hour, but no serious damage luckily.  I like the way the olive leaves turn their silvery under-sides in the wind, in our garden and in the olive groves around the village.

breezy olives 1

breezy olives 2

breezy olives 3

The vines, on the other hand, are in their quiet winter phase of hibernation, being pruned by the vine-growers and preparing for spring.

quiet vines 1

 quiet vines 2

5 thoughts on “Breezy olive trees and quiet vines

  1. Olive groves, vineyards, wheat fileds, corn rows, rice paddies, you name it. There is an inherent beauty to cultivated fields, no matter the crop nor time of year. And you’ve captured it here.

  2. Love these pictures, the contrast between the bare vines and the olives is amazing. Winds here have caused a fair bit of chaos-I lost a polytunnel cover and a cloche as well as a garden arch. Will be busy sorting out tomorrow!

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