Double mussels

With the mussels we bought from the coquillages van on Saturday morning, we made two very different dishes over the weekend.  The first was an old favourite, pumpkin and mussel soup, the recipe for which is on the Food from the Mediterranean blog.

pumpkin and mussel soup 1-1

And the second was a new experiment which worked – marinated mussels.  I removed about 750 grams of cooked mussels from their shells, added a chopped sweet onion, a finely chopped piment d’Espelette (you could use a chilli pepper if you like hot food), a glass of white wine, the juice of half a lemon and a little salt, not too much as the mussels are often quite salty.  I left the mussels to marinate overnight and then served them as a first course with crusty bread (and, separately, the few remainders of our own olives).

marinaded mussels-1

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