First mimosa of the year



I thought it was early when I saw this tree in Pouzolles this morning, but it’s a year to the day since I posted a photo of mimosa here.  It’s good to see this first sign of spring.


11 thoughts on “First mimosa of the year

  1. Does it always spring up on us this sign of spring. John is convinced that we will have an early spring.. I am hoping he is right. I long for flowers. i guess the blog is a great way to document some things. Looking back at entries would be great! c

  2. That must be one beautful tree to watch tremble in a breeze. Is there a scent to the blossom sprays? Now that would be heaven-sent — or is it “scent” — coming at the very start of Spring.

  3. In Wales we always looked for the first snowdrop and then the first daffodil. I have tried planting both but they don’t seem to grow so well here in the south of France. We have some vineyards with wild Star of Bethlehem which is a little like a snowdrop but my favorite flower at this time of year is the mimosa. I also check the vineyards for any almond trees that need a little pruning – the blossom scents the whole room.

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