11 thoughts on “First mimosa of the year

  1. Does it always spring up on us this sign of spring. John is convinced that we will have an early spring.. I am hoping he is right. I long for flowers. i guess the blog is a great way to document some things. Looking back at entries would be great! c

  2. That must be one beautful tree to watch tremble in a breeze. Is there a scent to the blossom sprays? Now that would be heaven-sent — or is it “scent” — coming at the very start of Spring.

  3. In Wales we always looked for the first snowdrop and then the first daffodil. I have tried planting both but they don’t seem to grow so well here in the south of France. We have some vineyards with wild Star of Bethlehem which is a little like a snowdrop but my favorite flower at this time of year is the mimosa. I also check the vineyards for any almond trees that need a little pruning – the blossom scents the whole room.

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