Ways to keep warm – revised post

This post replaces the draft I accidentally posted earlier today.


When the weather’s so chilly that plane tree shadows look like cold claws reaching out for balconies in the winter light, all I can do is eat pumpkin soup with garlic croutons with a glass of red wine..…


and conjure up images of summer harvests: piments on a dish bought on a hot day in Figueres years ago….


and some juniper berries for the marinade for tomorrow’s stew.


It was minus 2 C when I went out at 11 a.m., very dry so there was no snow or frost, but even so my main preoccupation at the moment is to keep warm.  This weather is forecast to last for several more days, but at least we don’t have the snow that is covering more northern and damper areas over the whole of Europe.

7 thoughts on “Ways to keep warm – revised post

  1. They all look very tempting. Temperatures here made it all the way up to minus 8 today! However, we should be back above freezing in about another week’s time. We’re eating a lot of pumpkin soup to keep us warm.

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