It doesn’t happen very often, in fact I’ve never seen it before, having missed it two years ago when it thawed before I got there.  The river Thongue/Tonga has frozen.  In the bright sunshine it’s the only visible sign of the cold weather, but the wind-chill in the north wind is bitingly cold and the temperature didn’t rise above zero while I was out this morning.

cold ducks

frozen river 1

frozen river 2

11 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. I hope the frigid temperatures that have befallen much of Europe haven’t damaged your area’s crops, in general, or on your property’s garden(s). Nothing worse than a severe drop in temperature after the plants have begun to bud.

    • Luckily in this area I think the vines and olive trees – the main crops – will be OK as they haven’t really started growing for the spring yet. Everyone here talks about 1956 when there was a much later frost, at the end of February and beginning of March, that killed a lot of olive trees, although they do grow back again eventually, but it takes many years.

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