Wine, vistas and lunch

This morning we hoped to have coffee in the café at Faugères whose terrace has a view of the Pyrenees.  In spite of the sunshine and temperature of 15C the wind was a bit chilly for sitting outside and the Pyrenees were not visible because of cloud. I couldn’t blur the difference in sky colour from east to west so the panorama didn’t stitch together very well and I’m posting three of the shots I took from the same spot. The clouds in the distance mark the mountains – it is often possible to see the clouds on the Pyrenees rather than the mountains themselves.  From the sea in the east,

faugeres panorama3

south towards Mont Canigou and the rest of the Pyreneean range,

faugeres panorama2

and west towards the nearer hills with their stone walls and goatherds’ shelters.

faugeres panorama1

It was a nice surprise to find that the caveau was open on Sundays, so we bought wine – some white Domaine de Coudougno and some red Les Fonts de Caussiniojouls – and found this old piece of wine-making machinery on the terrace outside.  I think it was used for separating the grapes from the stalks and leaves.

machine 1

And then it was time to go home and light the barbecue out in the place to cook lamb chops, onions and peppers.

lamb peppers1


It was warm enough to leave the door open next to the table where we eat:


and the lamb chops, from one of the two excellent butchers in Roujan, were tender and delicious, served with the grilled vegetables, rice and yogurt mixed with chopped garlic and paprika.

lamb peppers2

6 thoughts on “Wine, vistas and lunch

  1. A beautiful day and food!
    My friends in Caudiès-de-Fenouillèdes had all the old wine making equipment in the wine cellar, now abandoned because the wine making is done with the cooperative. There were lots of pieces like the contraption in your picture.

  2. There’s something about firing up the grill after a day spent rambling about. I’ve done it countless times, whether I’m alone or with friends who’ve joined me along the way. The 2 activities go so well together and, if I’ve on-hand a protein as nice as those chops you’ve prepared, that’s all the better!

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