Terribly House and Garden


For the next few weeks our living room will make me think of ‘Design for Living’, a song by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann – which is worth listening to, or revisiting if you want to be amused by their wit (it’s the third song in this link, about 6 minutes in).  Our house, even at this time of year when it is full of newly germinated seedlings, is a little more restrained than no. 7B, but as from today we’ll have the heated seedling box under the bookshelves.  At the moment it is gently warming trays holding nine varieties of tomato seed:


St Pierre

Coeur de Boeuf

Andes long



Gabian breakfast (this is a variety that we unwittingly created from saved seeds last year – we’re not sure what will come from the seeds we collected)

Red cherry

Yellow pear

As soon as these have germinated we’ll start the pepper seeds.  I love this time of year – so exciting starting the new season’s crops!

My post about the heated seed starter is here, first posted on my old blog so the photos may not fit properly (it’s also a reminder for me of when I had time to write my blog in French too!).  The box works well and this will be its fourth season.

And it’s International Women’s Day.  If you’re interested, please have a look at the Newington Green Action Group’s website to read about the campaign to commission a sculpture to honour Mary Wollstonecraft.


6 thoughts on “Terribly House and Garden

  1. I know what you mean about plants all over the place, i got john to build a folding bench under one of the big windows so I can fit flats up there, In the summer it folds back down and just looks nice. my bedroom gets all the afternoon sun so do not walk about in the dar at night!!! c

  2. You are definitely living it 😉 I saw some wonderful white bell tent like tomato houses in Normandy a few years ago – the owners were growing huge beef tomatoes and the vine was attached to a cord which stretched it upwards as it grew. The tomatoes were as delicious as they were big!

    I loved the song.

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