Last year’s red peppers

We had so many red peppers of different varieties last summer and this is the first winter we’ve had a good supply of jars of preserved peppers, some chopped and put raw with herbs into jars and covered with vinegar, most of them cooked for 10 minutes or so depending on their size in a half and half mix of wine vinegar and water with sugar added.  Usually we eat them as tapas, serving them whole with a little olive oil poured over them, or use them in paella as I did the other day, but I had one jar of large red peppers that I’d preserved whole for stuffing and I used some of these to make supper yesterday evening.

I made the stuffing with breadcrumbs, green olives and a couple of cloves of garlic, making a kind of thick tapenade to fill the peppers, put them in an earthenware dish with olive oil and some grated parmesan cheese on top and cooked them in the oven for about half an hour.  By the time we ate them the lighting wasn’t very good (and I hate using flash especially for food photos), but this picture should give an idea, and they did taste very good.


and some local Luque olives by candlelight, just because I liked the look of them…..


5 thoughts on “Last year’s red peppers

  1. Your stuffed peppers look absolutely delicious! Funny, I’m noshing on some Lucque olives at the moment, but they aren’t local. I’ve found fabulous local olive oil but not cured green olives, so I usually buy imported olives. I’m hoping to get a decent harvest of sweet red peppers this year, I’m trying a few new varieties that I hope will be happy in my cool coastal climate.

  2. You saved those peppers for quite a while and certainly put them to good use here. I bet that tapenade was very flavorful. This past weekend I took inventory of the canned goods that remain from last year. I’m nearing the end. Summer cannot arrive soon enough.

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