Between seasons

Yesterday in bright sunshine Lo Jardinièr lit the barbecue in the place at lunchtime to cook chicken and red peppers on skewers.

chicken skewers

Today we had rain, great for the garden but not so good for our spirits.  The market was grey and wet, with the sun awnings being used to shelter customers from the rain rather than the heat.

grey market

And the lunch menu was equally delicious but almost wintry: pumpkin soup with chopped garlic and croutons, and two fromages fermiers, one sheeps’ milk cheese from Lacaune and a cows’ milk one from the Aveyron.

pumpkin soup

fromages fermiers

And flags….

When I saw Chica Andaluza’s new flag counter I couldn’t resist trying to add one to my blog and inadvertently added it as a post at first.  It’s now in its proper place at the foot of my blog, showing the different countries of origin of its readers.  Thanks for the idea, Chica!

11 thoughts on “Between seasons

  1. Those skewers in your opening photo are a personal favorite. The flavors of the roasted peppers, onion, and chicken meld together so well creating a dish that is so much better than its parts. Guess what I’ll be having for dinner in the near future? Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You’re making me hungry!

    The weather here keeps veering from winter to spring. There’s snow on the peaks from the storms that came through a few days ago, but now the sun is out and warming my poor hail pecked vegetables. More rain on the way…

    The flag counter doesn’t show up on my ipad, I’ll have to take a look on the desktop computer.

  3. Love the soup, what a beautiful color! And, loving spring so far here… it certainly is fine to see what other s are planting as well! Hopes for a less awful summer than last year… we’ll see!

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