The beginning of this year’s wine

I was excited to see some leaves appearing on these old vines this morning, the first I’ve seen so far this year.


And it was only when I looked at this photo on the screen that I could see that the sap definitely is rising.  It’s clearer in this enlarged crop:


I also bought some bulbs of fresh garlic, another sign of spring.  It came from Egypt, rather a long way away, but I justified it by telling myself it’s good to buy from a country struggling to create its own democracy, and I love the flavour of it after the deteriorating quality of the bulbs stored over the winter.  What a treat!



8 thoughts on “The beginning of this year’s wine

  1. wow egyptian garlic.. and i am thrilled to see that little bead of sap.. so far nothing from my vines. one variety is shooting but the other is still sleeping, well i hope it is only a sleep! c

  2. Mmmm… I just bought two new grape vines. The internet says (so it must be true) that they should do well here in Texas. I’ll let you know in a few years!! Patience!!, that’s the gardener’s battle cry ;-).

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