A simple lunch and more spring flowers


Mussels bought from the van that comes to the village from Bouzigues, the bigger ones – à farcir (for stuffing) – cooked in a glass of white wine until the shells open.  Discard the empty half of the shell and add to each mussel a teaspoonful of fresh breadcrumbs, some chopped fresh garlic and some chopped oregano.  Grind some black pepper and pour some olive oil over them and put them under a hot grill for a few minutes, until the breadcrumbs start to brown.  Serve with lemon quarters and a glass of white wine.

Up on the hill above the village this morning I found this old shelter built into a wall next to an olive tree.  It would have given a goatherd or a shepherd refuge from the hot summer sun or the cold winter rain.

olive shelter 1

olive shelter 2


A natural death?  I suspect not – I think this snail shell may be part of the remains of someone’s picnic lunch.

wild sweet pea

A lovely red and white wild sweet pea, growing against the wall near the shelter.


And a wild salsify flower, tragopogon porrifolius.


13 thoughts on “A simple lunch and more spring flowers

  1. There’s no need to complicate fresh seafood. Your preparation for those mussels is a case in point. I’ve prepared them similarly and really enjoy them like this. It may have been a “simple lunch” but it was nonetheless fantastic.

  2. Just wanted to say how much pleasure your posts give me. I too live in the Languedoc – just north of Uzes, for about the same length of time, but it hasn’t worked out for me as it obviously has for you. Your enthusiasm for the life the land and the food is a real tonic. Thank you.

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