Because they won’t last

When I was a small child in Libya I thought asphodel flowers were quite magical because they were as tall as I was.  I soon grew taller than them, of course, but I still love to see them at this time of year.  They’ll last only until next week maybe, so yesterday when I saw large areas of the hillside above Neffiès where there were wands of stars standing out above a carpet of flowering wild thyme I had to take a lot of photographs.

asphodel 1

asphodel 2

asphodel 3

asphodel 4

6 thoughts on “Because they won’t last

  1. Theirs must be a short blooming cycle. You can see the lower blossoms have already given way as the next “batch” opened. These pretty little flowers weren’t build to last. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I think this is why photography exists, and why, before there was photography, there were realistic paintings, miniatures, representations of the impermanent world. Maybe it’s why we write, too. Our hymns to impermanence are acts of gratitude. You catch the magic here and hold onto it. “Stars standing out against a carpet of flowering wild thyme.” Ahhhh, so beautiful.

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