After the fire

The wildfire near our village last September blackened a huge area of garrigue, burning many trees as well as smaller plants.  I posted a slide show of photos at the time – here.  As we expected, now in the following spring nature is rejuvenating itself and the ground that was covered in ash is even greener than usual at this time of year.  The trees will take longer to recover, but the wild asparagus has returned, and I saw spring flowers, including borage, thistle, wild garlic and sweet pea.  The lentisk shrubs were growing new leaves at ground level among the burnt branches.  It all looked very hopeful.

after fire 1

after fire 2

after fire 3



wild garlic

wild garlic


lentisk leaves growing from the burnt base of the shrub.

6 thoughts on “After the fire

  1. It’s wonderful to see how quickly Nature repairs itself. True, the trees will take some time but amazing progress has been made. As an added benefit, wouldn’t it be easier to harvest the wild asparagus now? 😉

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