May day in the hills

I spent a beautiful couple of hours this morning on a round trip through the hills near Vailhan.  The wildflowers were all out, making a colourful carpet of the garrigue between the limestone outcrops.  In the distance I could see the Pyrenees, too far away and too hazy to photograph, but covered in snow which seemed hard to believe when it was so warm here in the sun – up to 22 C.  This terracing wall seemed to have been newly rebuilt, with what looked like an oven or fireplace built into it:


The trunk of an ash tree nearby had been twisted into interesting shapes:

ash trunk

and someone had been working there recently, leaving this wheelbarrow:


A little further along the road, this piece of machinery looked as though it had been abandoned for much longer:

old machinery

The Spanish broom was flowering.  The dried long stalks of this plant were used to make brooms at one time.

spanish broom

The sunlight was filtering through the evergreen holm oak woods:

holm oaks

and on the fig trees I could see that the figues fleurs (fruit formed last autumn and overwintered on the tree) had survived the cold weather in February:

figues fleurs

figues fleurs 2

and then back to the village….


It was a beautiful May morning to be out in the hills.

6 thoughts on “May day in the hills

  1. How beautiful! I would be out walking those hills all the time. Well, that’s what I do here when I’m not in the garden. You captured some wonderful images, I especially like that one of the ash tree.

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