Clovisses (clams)

If you don’t like shell fish, look away now!  This morning, instead of our usual mussels, in fact as well as our usual mussels, I bought some clovisses, small clams.  It always amazes me how different and how pretty the shells are, so I took quite a few photos:


clovisses 2

clovisses 3

clovisses 4

clovisses 5

Enough pretty pictures – what did I do with them?  I thought of spaghetti alle vongole and made a version of this classic Italian dish but with fideua, Spanish vermicelli pasta, instead of spaghetti.

clams with fideua 1

I cleaned and cooked the clams (half a kilo for two servings) in a wide deep pan in some olive oil and their own juices until all the shells had opened.  While these were cooking I boiled 150 grams of fideo (you could use spaghetti or other thin strands of pasta) in a litre and a half of salted water until it was al dente – just cooked with a little ‘bite’ to it.

clams with fideua 2

I drained the cooked clams (keeping the liquid in case I needed to add it to the sauce later), heated two chopped cloves of garlic, some chopped oregano and two teaspoons of tomato purée in a little olive oil in the pan, added a glass of white wine, returned the clams to the pan and brought it all the the boil.  After a couple of minutes I stirred in the cooked fideo and it was ready to eat, with a slice of lemon and a glass of wine.  The pasta soaks up a lot of liquid, so you can add some of the cooking liquid from the clams as well as the sauce.

clams with fideua 3

It’s not possible to eat this dish politely, you have to pick up the shells, bite out the clams and suck the sauce from them, as you eat the pasta with a fork.  It was wonderful!  And then there were the empties:


10 thoughts on “Clovisses (clams)

  1. Such a fantastic meal you prepared! How I miss those clams! Whenever I’ve been to Italy, one of the first meals I have is some form of pasta con vongole. We just don’t have any as sweet as yours, especially living so far from the sea. And it is an amazing array of shells for a single species of mollusk. Who knew?

  2. When I was little Spaghetti alle vongole was my favourite pasta to order – I still adore clams, the ones we get here are the round sort in the main but I love them all! Am so pleased I can now comment safely now that we know to uncheck the box below 🙂

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