Village plant fair

With all the excitement of Lo Jardinièr’s new blog, I almost forgot to post some of the photos I took on Sunday at the plant and produce fair in the village. We always think it’s a bit late in the gardening year to have this sale as we and most of the gardeners we know have already planted out most of our tomato and other plants, but it’s still fun. The widest street in the old part of the village, rue de l’Eglise was filled with stalls and people.  It was a great place to wonder and meet friends, and also of course to buy plants, wine, cheese, strawberries….and much else.

plant fair




bedding plants

olive oil

olive oil from the Moulin de Casso

wine tasting

tasting and buying wines from Les 3 Puechs at Fouzilhon



colourful glass

and some very colourful glassware!

11 thoughts on “Village plant fair

  1. A great little market/fair, though too bad it is a bit late to be of real use for you. As pretty as their wares might be, I would never buy glassware at such a place unless I was going home directly afterward. Even then, I’d break at least one of the treasures, no doubt.

    • Yes, it was a nice market and although it was too late for me to buy many plants I did buy some parsley and some flowers for the window box. I’d be like you with the glass too – bound to break it!

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