Another hoopoe, or perhaps the same one?

In the vineyard just across the road from where I saw a pair of hoopoes flying a couple of weeks ago, this morning I saw one again, this time on the ground among the vines – maybe it’s one of the pair. This seems likely since they are territorial birds. It wasn’t long before it noticed me an flew away.

 hoopoe 1

hoopoe 2

Just a bit further along the road I saw this beautiful small butterfly – a Silver-studded Blue (Plebeius argus):

silver-studded blue

7 thoughts on “Another hoopoe, or perhaps the same one?

  1. We had hoopoes here last year. I heard them calling a couple of days ago, they were taking it in turns with the cuckoos! I was outside all morning and hoped to hear them again but it is so windy today, I didn’t see or hear any birds at all.

  2. Great photos of the hoopoe and the butterfly! The black and white stripes are so clear and the mohican very striking. The blue of the butterfly so vibrant – that colour might even tempt me away from turquoise!

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