Artichoke – singular?

I’m wondering whether I’ll have to change the name of my blog.  The artichoke plants, which had been doing well throughout the winter, suffered badly in the cold weather we had in February and are only just beginning to recover, too late for a good crop this year, I fear.  This is the only artichoke I can see developing on any of the surviving plants.


On the other hand, we have plenty of broad beans and I’ll be putting some in the freezer for later in the year, when they’ll be an even greater treat than they are now.

broad beans

The tomato plants have grown well since they’ve been planted out – they always seem to stretch out their roots and just grow once they have the space to do so.  The lettuce plants between the rows benefit from the watering and will all have been eaten by the time the tomatoes grow big enough to cover them.

tomato plants

Do have a look at Lo Jardinèr’s post today where he links this morning’s inauguration of the new French president with asphodels, Ancient Greece and a beautiful piece of music.

8 thoughts on “Artichoke – singular?

  1. Just spent a happy hour shelling broad beans and asked Big Man to get me a few kilos of artichokes this week from his brother as we don´t have any growing this year. Be patient, I´m sure more will pop up soon!

  2. the singular artichoke is very attractive, and a great photo. And you have reminded me that I sowed some seeds for a purple variety last year that will need planting out now, I just need to go and find the pot which is somewhere in the garden, no doubt hidden by leaves and pots.

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