Veal casserole with wild fennel

wild fennel

There seems to be wild fennel all over the place in the garrigue and at the sides of roads at the moment and I picked a bunch of it to bring home.  I’d bought 300 grams of sauté de veau (pieces of veal for casseroling) in the village shop and the fennel suggested a recipe to me.  I softened a sliced onion in a little olive oil with a chopped slice of poitrine salée (salted bacon cut in thick slices would work as well) in a cast iron casserole dish. I added the veal cut into small pieces.  When they had browned slightly I added two chopped cloves of garlic, two teaspoons of tomato purée and the chopped fennel (you could use the leafy tops of fennel bulbs if you can’t find this herb in the wild).  I poured a large glass of white wine over it all, added some salt and pepper and simmered it for an hour.

veal casserole 1

We ate the casserole with potatoes mashed with olive oil, garlic and green olives – a favourite of ours.  It was a wonderful mix of flavours.

veal casserole 2

12 thoughts on “Veal casserole with wild fennel

  1. Oh we have fennel in the gardens! YAY! I am going to try this for sure. i have no veal though, but a nice grass fed piece of beef would do! cooking with wild herbs is even better though! c

  2. This sounds like something the women in my family would have prepared. Fennel fronds were often used as an herb and even now, I bring a bulb of fennel when I return home for a visit. Zia freezes the fronds for use until my next visit. I’m going back this week and will her your recipe and dish. I bet she’ll like your dish as much as I do.

  3. The wild fennel is really impressive this year. I will try to take a photo when the sun comes back, as by the time our summer visitors arrive there are only stalks left. If i could catch the snails that eat the fennel, I might be tempted to eat them as they would be very tasty.

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