Sunlight at last

After some very gloomy days and a lot of rain it was cheering to see the sun this morning.  Everything in the garden looked bright and green in the light.  I picked herbs – rocket, parsley, oregano, sorrel – to have with bread and ham bought in the village while Lo Jardinièr planted out some of the last cucumber and courgette plants.

herbs and oil


We even had to sit in the shade to eat!  There’s still a very strong wind, the tarral in Occitan because it blows over the land, and we found that some more apricots had fallen on the ground.  There are still a lot left on the tree, luckily.  And we can use the fallen, unripe ones.  We cook them with sugar in a little water and we use them instead of dried fruit in pilafs and other rice dishes.

windfall apricots

The light seemed such a treat, shining on the apple tree and through the rosemary, casting the shadow of one vine leaf on another:


vine leaves 1

The wind brought bad news for a friend with a garden just down the hill from ours, though.  His plum tree was blown right over.  It was otherwise undamaged, so Lo Jardinièr and some other friends are going to see if they can help him right it tomorrow morning.

10 thoughts on “Sunlight at last

  1. I dearly love this whole array of green garden pictures, and until now I had no idea that there is a use for green apricots. Not that I have any or would be likely to cook with them if I did. But still. It’s nice to know. I got my copy of Journey to Paradise today! I haven’t had a chance to open it yet, but it has arrived and I’m very eager!

  2. Such a visually pleasing post today. Sorry to hear of your neighbor’s plum tree, though. That really must have been a strong wind to uproot a tree, any tree. I hope the “men folk” can get the tree re-planted.

    • Thanks! Not sure if your ‘terral’ is the same but the one advantage of our tarral is that it is usually dry, having left all the rain behind in the mountains….oh, but then you are in the mountains, aren’t you?

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