Le Marché fermier au Mas Rolland

This is one of our favourite events of the early summer.  The tiny hamlet of Mas Rolland, where we go to buy goats’ cheese, fills its narrow streets with producers’ stalls selling chicken and pork, cooked and ready to eat for lunch straight away at the tables provided, or packed to take home and cook there, shell fish, bread, charcuterie, olive oils and tapenade, cakes, cherries, jams, honey, and of course goats cheese.

mas rolland 1

mas rolland 2

mas rolland 3

mas rolland 4

mas rolland 5

mas rolland 6

Long tables are laid out for hundreds of people to eat lunch in the sun or shade.  We’d ordered the paella made by the people at Neffiès who grow saffron and spent several hours with four friends and several bottles of very good local wine enjoying our lunch,  starting with a plate of charcuterie.

mas rolland 7

We were entertained by music from the jazz band Mosaïque

mas rolland 9

and after lunch an explanation of how the goats’ cheeses are made:

mas rolland 10

It was a very enjoyable way to spend Sunday!

11 thoughts on “Le Marché fermier au Mas Rolland

  1. That’s a great market. I’ve been to my farmers’ market this morning and the vegetables are fantastic, but you don’t get the European charcuterie. I have noticed an English cured ham and meat stall occasionally, but the samples I’ve tasted were disappointing. There is a pub near me though, (the Bull and Last) which does outstanding, made in house, charcuterie, so it is possible – I live in hope 🙂

    • Good charcuterie is possible in Britain – occasionally I used to buy very good local cured ham in west Wales – but unfortunately it’s not common….yet. The Bull and Last sounds like a good place to eat!

  2. I’m a total voyuer when it comes to your blog especially the food posts, so
    as I will be in the Herault part of the Languedoc in September I tried looking up Mas Rolland on my very detailed Atlas Routier in the hope of visiting then,but to no avail, so can you possibly give the name of the nearest town which I can then use as a guide to my further exploration of the Languedoc.
    I try to make a list of new places to visit every year and so far have not once been dissapointed, even when the weather has been horrid, to me it’s still one of the most beautiful unspoilt parts of France.

  3. I’m so happy to have the blog, with more pictures, to supplement the Blip! The picture of the band answers the question I had–whether the fellow was playing his instrument with one hand and holding the music with the other: and the answer is YES. I also love the hand holding the little round of goat cheese. You do eat well there!

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