One way to buy garlic


If you can’t (or haven’t this year) grown it yourself, this is the best way to buy garlic – locally grown, very fresh, from a vegetable and fruit stall near Agde.

All our tomato, pepper, aubergine and courgette plants in the garden are doing very well, flowering and beginning to fruit as they should, and so are the grasses, supposed to be weeds but looking beautiful in the evening light when we were having tapas for supper there last night..

grasses 2

grasses 3

grasses 1

There were the first tiny signs of olives after the recent flowering:


We’ve been out and about a lot with our family, to the sea where we swam for the first time this year in quite warm water, and to the nearby lake where the light through the cork oaks (Quercus suber) was lovely on the hillside and the water sparkled in the breeze – we swam there too.  Summer has come at last!

cork oaks


The exhibition opening went very well (I even sold quite a few photos!), after Lo Jardinièr and our son worked very hard hanging the frames on the stone walls of the Caveau des Pascales.


If you’re interested you can see a Flickr set of the photos here

13 thoughts on “One way to buy garlic

  1. Congratulations on a successful exhibition! I just watched the Flicker slideshow and enjoyed it very much. Small wonder you sold some and I’m surprised you didn’t sell them all. It’s still a tad early to buy garlic from our farmers markets. Right now, It’s “Spring Garlic” and the bulbs aren’t nearly as developed as those in your photo. It’s only a matter of time …

  2. It’s good that summer and fruitfulness has finally arrived. Well done on the exhibition. Incidentally, may I use your photo of Italian bugloss as featured on Lo Jardiniers blog in my book. I’m trying to use as many photos of myself and people I know rather than just nicking off the internet.

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