Mussels, and cherries too

Two treats today, one seasonal and one we often enjoy at all times of the year.  We bought a kilo of cherries from a stall in the centre of Magalas.  The cherry season is so short – the man whose tree they came from said he would be there again tomorrow but then his crop would be finished.


Sometimes I make clafoutis with cherries – almost exactly a year ago I put a recipe on the Food from the Mediterranean blog – but usually they’re so delicious that we eat them all raw, just as they are.

Mussels are an all-year-round delight and today we ate them cooked in one of our favourite ways – with chorizo, tomato and red wine sauce, and with one of our first red onions from the garden this year chopped raw on top once they were cooked.



For this dish, the mussels are cooked with a glass of red, rather than white, wine until the shells have all opened.  Meanwhile we prepare a tomato sauce with onions, garlic, chopped chorizo and another glass of red wine to pour over the shells once they have been drained.  All this needs is some chopped sweet (or red) onion if available, some crusty bread and another glass (or two) of red wine.

13 thoughts on “Mussels, and cherries too

  1. Sadly the birds seem to have eaten the cherries here, which is a shame because it’s the first year that the tree had any!
    Those mussels look fantastic – I must try your recipe 😉

  2. I’ve never heard, nor thought to use, red wine with mussels. This I must try! I live not that far from an area that is well-known for tart cherries. They’ll be coming into season in a couple weeks. They’re one of my favorite fruits of the season and Summer hasn’t really started until I bake a cherry pie with them. You chose a wonderful photo of cherries to start this post.

  3. It´s cherry time here too. Like you we mainly tend to eat them ra, but I will check out your clafoutis recipe as I adore that. Love what you did with the mussels – our red onions are just about ready too 🙂

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