Summer is here

Suddenly, summer has arrived and it’s too hot to go out much in the afternoons – better to stay in, close the shutters and even the windows to keep the heat out and wait till evening when it’s warm enough to sit eating supper in the garden as the sun goes down. It’s my favourite time of year and one of the reasons I love living in the Midi so much.

While we eat, we gradually move the hose around the rows of vegetables filling the watering trenches with free water, while it lasts.  Some time around the end of June or, if we’re lucky, in July the stream of excess water from the village spring, La Resclauze, will stop running and we’ll have to start using mains water for the garden.  For the moment, we’re making the most of it and the reservoir at the top of the hill is still quite full.

The wall holding the water in this reservoir is ancient and may even date back to Roman times.  It is certainly built in Roman style with square-cut and chiselled stones:

A very different style from the more common higgledy-piggledy way of building walls seen elsewhere around the village:

The grasses and other wild flowers are dying back now in the hot dry weather.  Only the vines become greener and greener as their deep roots search out water in the rocky soil.

5 thoughts on “Summer is here

  1. Although we have had a couple of days of sun it has not been that hot here. I was out cycling at mid-day and I was still in long sleeves as the wind was chilly!! Diane

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