Summer landscape

First add the sound…

then magnify it by a lot. I’m not sure where this clip was recorded, but the cicadas sound a lot more polite than ours!

Now imagine the scent of fennel wherever you walk at the edges of the vineyards where the fennel plants are just begin to flower:

The vines are green, their leaves hiding this year’s grapes, sheltering them from the heat while they’re still growing.

At the roadsides and in the uncultivated spaces the wild flowers are almost over and the plants are dying back, to re-emerge when rain comes again in the autumn.

Through the dry stems I could see right down to the sea – the hill rising in the distance on the left is near Le Grau d’Agde where I swam the other day – and still the cicadas were singing, wherever I went when I was out this morning.

6 thoughts on “Summer landscape

  1. Such a picturesque place to call home! The few photos you shared and your brief commentary spoke volumes and I liked every bit of it. Thanks for giving us quite a glimpse of your lovely corner of the World.

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