Hot and dry

These teasels seemed to symbolise the day for me – a day when the temperature reached 40°C, which is a bit too hot, even for me and I like hot weather!  It’s far too hot to do anything in the garden apart from water the plants, in the evenings so that the water doesn’t immediately evaporate. Hoping to feel some cooler air we took our lunch to eat by the lakeside at the Barrage des Olivettes, but even there, in the shade of trees at the water’s edge, it felt hot. I try to remind myself that soon enough I’ll be complaining about it being too cold in winter!  Once again there were several varieties of dragonfly zipping from reed to reed and from leaf to leaf over the water – and once again I wasn’t quick enough to catch on camera the small blue darting ones or the large blue ones, but I did get some more views of the Scarlet Dragonfly:

7 thoughts on “Hot and dry

  1. Temperatures that high make doing just about anything a chore. For me, even chasing dragonflies for a good photo would be too much. Still, you did manage to capture red dragonflies again. I hope your temperatures cool a bit so that a lunch enjoyed lakeside is pleasant once again and not an endurance test.

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