When I was in Perpignan a couple of months ago I went into a smart kitchenware shop and found a wonderful gadget I hadn’t seen before – a cutter for pastry that forms pasties or pies as well. Actually there were several in different sizes and I bought the whole set for my daughter who loves making ravioli, but I just had one medium-sized one for myself. I’ve used it once or twice to make Middle Eastern-inspired pies with feta cheese, onion and herbs and it worked well. Today, still in a Spanish mood after our recent holiday, I decided to make empanadillas. I sautéed sliced sweet onion and red peppers until they were soft then added chopped garlic, salt and pepper and some chopped anchovies.  While the onions and peppers were cooking I made pastry by mixing 300 grams of flour, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of baking powder in a food processor, then adding 75 ml of olive oil and mixing again before finally adding about 75 ml of water (enough to turn the mixture into a manageable dough). These amounts made enough pastry for 12 empanadillas about 10 cm long.


I rolled out the pastry and then used this magic device to cut circles from it. You could use a large cup or bowl to do this.


I filled the pastry circles with spoonfuls of the pepper and anchovy mixture, one at a time, while they were in the plastic cutter and brushed a little water on to half of the edge of the pastry.


Then came the really magical bit – I brought the hinged halves together and squeezed them gently until the empanadillas were firmly closed.


I put the emapnadillas on a greased baking tin, brushed the tops with beaten egg and put them in the oven for 25-30 minutes at 200°C.


They can be eaten hot or cold, accompanied by a green salad or a tomato salad, and will keep for a couple of days in the fridge.

9 thoughts on “Empanadillas

  1. Yup, have seen these gadgets before, but always sort’of en passant without paying much attention! Love the look of your empanadillas 🙂 ! Born in Estonia, I was brought up with all kinds of pirukad/piroshki, usually filled with a meat/onion mixture and exactly the same size: Eha, look for gadget > life made easier!! And I love your peppery mix and the fact you baked rather than fried! So, thanks for the lesson!!

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