Definitely the beginning of autumn

The rosemary is flowering again after a dormant dry summer:

The olives are ripening and I’ll be harvesting these soon:

And gradually the vine leaves are beginning to turn their different shades of autumn. This is the Alicante Bouschet variety that has red-fleshed as well as red-skinned grapes and is used to give a deep colour to red wines.

I swam in warm sea at Marseillan-plage a few days ago but I don’t think I will again as the nights are getting cooler and the sea will get chillier from now on.

12 thoughts on “Definitely the beginning of autumn

      • I’m not fond of the ones I’ve tasted, but I only know them from jars, and from cheap delicatessens. Once in Portugal I had some black ones that had been soaked in garlic and oil (but probably brine before that), put on the table for an appetizer before the meal, and I loved those. I’ve never had any that even vaguely resembled them in the USA. In general my cravings run to sweets rather than savories. I have to struggle with that all the time.

      • Oh, that’s sad that you can’t get nice olives – I’d always prefer olives to sweets! You’ll just have to come back to southern France!

  1. My rosemary is flowering as well and is a-tumble with bees. I’m so happy to see the bees that I hate to harvest *any* of the flowers but they are so good on salads… do you eat the flowers? Mmmmm…

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