It’s membrillo time again!


These ripe quinces on a friend’s tree soon ended up in our bucket this morning and 4 kilos of them are now in the process of being turned into membrillo – see my post last year for a simple recipe.


12 thoughts on “It’s membrillo time again!

  1. Our quinces were not good this year, we managed to get about 20 off the tree, last year it was laden. I made quince jelly and froze the fruit that is left for puddings. I have never made membrillo it always sounds like too much trouble but maybe I will try next year, if the quinces are back to normal numbers, I will try it. have a good week Diane.

  2. Oh good stuff… I can *buy* quinces here but they are kind of dear, and I think it is just too hot to grow ’em. Mmmm (and oh my, I remember this post from last year! Guess I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite a while now!)

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