The birds

Coming back from Roquessels where I’d been to buy wine this morning I saw a huge flock of small birds swarming around, swooping down en masse into the vineyard and then up again to settle on the telephone wires.

the birds-1

the birds-2

the birds-3

They were too small to be starlings, which often behave like this, and I think they are either skylarks or wood larks. I saw a similar phenomenon a couple of years ago when an even larger flock of the same birds kept returning to the same patch of apparently bare road.

birds - 2010

I don’t think they can be preparing to migrate as it’s too late in the year for that, so they must belong to a species that will spend the winter here. If you have any idea what they may be, please let me know!


11 thoughts on “The birds

    • Yes, that last photo was taken a couple of years ago and it was a bigger flock than I saw today. It was amazing because every time a car passed (only every couple of minutes because it’s not a very busy road) they would all rise up then come back down again in the same place.

  1. What a sight! Even the more recent smaller flocks are incredible. That last photo, though, is truly remarkable.
    When I first moved into my home, starlings would flock during late summer evenings. Though large by “city” standards, they wouldn’t come close to the numbers in the flocks in your photos. Unfortunately, West Nile Virus nearly wiped out the flocks and, with them, the nightly show.

  2. Sorry, it’s difficult for me to answer, as i’m French. So, please, don’t be offended…

    I also think this birds are starlings, and they aren’t preparing to migrate, as they stay here during all the winter.

    I’ve found a very surprising video about a murmuration of starlings. If you want to see it…

    Thanks for your blog. I love it and it’s a good exercice to improve my English.


    • Your English is excellent and thank you for the wonderful link to the murmuration of starlings. I think the birds in my photos were too small to be starlings, but I may be wrong. I’m hoping to see them again in better light. (Et je parle et comprends le français si vous voulez faire des commentaires en français!)

      • Thanks, it would be easier for me…
        But… perhaps other readers don’t understand French language.
        And… it’s good for me to read and speak English !

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