Petition for permaculture

Since 2005 Richard Wallner has been developing 9 hectares of land in Charente in the west of France, following the principles of permaculture. In keeping with this he would like to construct a home and other farm buildings on his land so that he doesn’t need to use energy to get to work. He is supported by local politicians, including Françoise Coutant, the Green vice-president of the Poitou-Charente regional council. But the mayor of Wallner’s commune refuses to grant planning permission.  If you support his efforts to create an organic farm, producing and selling ecologically friendly eggs and vegetables, you can sign a petition here.

If you understand French and have a few minutes to spare, there’s a lovely video of Richard Wallner explaining how he cultivates his land, the joy he feels in working with nature to do this and his aims to create an ecologically friendly farm in all senses: to use renewable energy and ecological building materials as well as organic methods of food production; and to create a model for others in rural communities to follow.

In a world that is rapidly running out of fuel and cannot feed large numbers of its people, this kind of local initiative and example seems to me to represent the only sustainable future.

6 thoughts on “Petition for permaculture

  1. Thank you for publicizing this! I signed the petition (they already knew my name and address! cyberspace is surprising sometimes), and I watched the video, not understanding the words but loving the images–many of them familiar to me from your pictures.

  2. as a north london resident, is it correct or incorrect to do nothing or something about this? i am terribly wary about signing petitions as they are so, so, so often a way for people to express lightly expressed opinions/thoughts etc without facing the consequences – i can’t think of a petition i didn’t sign that i regret not signing

    • I understand your query and I feel the same about, and don’t sign, petitions relating to events and issues in Britain because I don’t live there. I posted this for two main reasons: because the video was interesting and relates to issues I’ve written about before, and because I have a number of readers in France who may wish to sign the petition. I agree about petitions too, but they can at least be a way of publicising the ideas behind those who are being supported, as in this case, I think.

      • Thanks for this subject, and for the very interesting video.

        Yes, I’m a French reader, and I’ve read and signed the petition.
        For several reasons :
        – I agree with Richard Wallner. We must try every thing to save our agriculture. This form of farming can be a solution. Perhaps not THE solution, but one.
        – The French authorities agree with R. Wallner’s project, and it’s only one man who refuses the planning permission.
        – Contrary to what says Marsac’s Mayor, it’s not forbiden to built a farm in Natura 2000 zone.
        – In France, in the small villages (about 800 inhabitants in Marsac), there is often a few persons who decide for all others and want to be quite powerfull.

        So, for me French woman, it was important to show that I want to support Richard Wallner.

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