An anniversary in the garden

Eight years ago today we signed the acte de vente, the contract for the purchase of our garden, although we’d already been using it for nearly a year with the agreement of the previous owner. It seemed a complicated process for such a small piece of land (and a very small price – the lawyer’s fees and taxes were nearly as much as the cost of the garden). Six of us had to sign everything several times, the two of us as purchasers, the mother and son who were selling the land and the two notaires, our chosen one and theirs. It was all worth it, though, and now it’s impossible to imagine our life without it. I’ve given the blog a new birthday header today, an image of the perfect winter sky above the bamboo this morning.

olive treeOne of the first plants we put in the garden was an olive tree. It was tiny and I’ve even forgotten what variety it is (the Lucque tree came later). We cleared a small patch of earth and surrounded the tree with a circle of stones to keep any rain that fell near to the roots while they weren’t very deep. Since then, it has given us good crops of olives over the years and we’ve been enjoying our own olives over the past couple of weeks. It surprises me how much it has grown:

olive tree1

In previous years I’ve pruned it at this time of the year but after going on an olive-pruning course last spring I’ve learnt that it’s better to wait until March when the risk of cold weather that could damage the resulting new shoots is over. Today, with the sun feeling hot on my face and the 4-metre-high bamboo sheltering the garden from the north wind, it was difficult to imagine that we may still have very cold nights….but we may!

It was good to see the bamboo growing well, if rather invasively, to produce next summer’s tomato canes and other plant supports.


And the rosemary doesn’t seem to have stopped flowering all through the autumn and winter.



7 thoughts on “An anniversary in the garden

  1. What a lovely story to remember and share! And I had never thought of growing bamboo for plant supports: what a wonderful lesson to learn with my love of growing tomatoes 🙂 !

  2. What a smart idea to put stones in a ring around the base of the newly planted tree. I’ve never seen that. Our olive trees have grown wonderfully, but I haven’t had olives for at least two years.Last spring, as the spring before, I had to prune one or two of the trees radically as they looked dead. In fact they flourished from the pruning, but no olives:)

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