Two seasons in one



This morning I could see snow on the mountains to the north and mimosa flowering in the sunshine below the church in the village. Two seasons in one, the distant snow tangible in the cold wind and the first sign of spring in the yellow blossoms.

Pruning of the vines goes on through this month, next month and into March. It’s a cold job for the viticulteurs. An experienced vine grower can prune 500 vines in a day. This one has been pruned and is ready for the new spring growth when it comes.


5 thoughts on “Two seasons in one

  1. I love to see the vines pruned in that gobelet fashion. It is far more common to see vines trained to wires around here. The only ones I learned to prune were gobelet. Its very satisfying to move through the vineyard and look back to see how much you’ve done. Not so much to see that there are several hectares ahead …..

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