19 thoughts on “Not what we expect in the Languedoc

  1. Wow! How rare and beautiful, but no doubt also treacherous if you have to drive. Please be very careful. I hope you can just stay at home till it melts! Not strange in Stuttgart, but very strange in Languedoc. Funny, it snowed in April, 1978 when I was living in Cordes. People were quite shocked! Beautiful photograph.

  2. 🙂 ! Well, how strong are my lungs if you want to get rid of the stuff!! About 43 C on my thermometer in the shade at the moment and still going up! Am willing to blow NW as hard as I can 🙂 ! Actually that roof picture SO does remind me of my childhood!! Wasn’t that bad, was it??

  3. I’ve just been out taking photos of our snowy landscape to send to my daughter in Mexico. I’m also trying to take a photo of the dozens of starlings who are descending on our little olive tree to eat the olives we left behind, but they are very flighty and it is difficult to get a good photo.

  4. Unexpected snow can be beautiful as long as it doesn’t last long. It a problem when you get more than a dusting since your area isn’t prepared for it. We have had snow on the ground all month here in New England but everyone is equipped for it.

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