Spring blossoming

The almond trees at the edges of the vineyards are still flowering – I hope the cold wind doesn’t blow the petals off too soon, before the flowers are fertilised.





The apricot buds are about to open, but maybe they’ll take a week or so yet.



And the daffodils are out, in good time for St David’s Day next week!



It looks as though spring is on its way.

8 thoughts on “Spring blossoming

  1. Beautiful! Understand about the wind. Apple trees in this area took a beating last year because first there was frost after the flowers came out then when the apples started forming they were hit by hail so most apples were scarred. Still tasty though. 🙂

  2. My peach tree is blooming and it is supposed to freeze next week! I have got to figure out how to get it to watch the weather or maybe I just need to stop watching the weather myself, I’m not sure which! Love the photos… mmmm!

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