Apricot blossom and middle eastern delights

apricot blossom-1


Our apricot tree is flowering, the blossom braving the cold north wind we’ve had for the past couple of days. We stayed in the warm kitchen most of the time, Lo Jardinièr making flat breads to accompany dishes from the wonderful Jerusalem book that I’ve mentioned before:

flat breads1while I made mutabbaq for dessert. This is made with a mixture of goats’ and sheep’s cheeses in layers of filo pastry, baked till golden and then with a sugar and lemon juice syrup poured over it. Quite simple, delicious and also from the same book.

mutabbaq1I was going to photograph it on the plate, but it didn’t last long!




10 thoughts on “Apricot blossom and middle eastern delights

    • What a coincidence! It was good, wasn’t it? You should be able to grow apricots well on your mountain, although perhaps not on the English south coast! Ours did very well last year….fingers are crossed for this year!

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